Getting married? Looking for candles to help create a beautiful magical atmosphere on your special day? We can certainly help!

Here at Estilo, we know that there is pretty much nothing more important to a bride than having the perfect wedding day. Details and styling are so very important, and we would love to be part of making your wedding day the most amazing day ever!

We can make it easy peasy for you so you have nothing to worry about, another thing ticked off your list and energy to channel your valuable time elsewhere (like where to sit your distant Uncle Frank who no longer talks to your second cousin Trudy!).

We can custom make a range of candles to suit your theme and styling. We can create a style suitable for you; whether that is modern, colourful or purely traditional. We also have a wide range of vintage glasses that we can hire out and make beautiful scented white candles in.

We can create individual wedding favours, or beautiful flickering candles for your centre pieces.

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In the meantime, check out our inspiration gallery of a recent wedding we had the honour of being apart of!