Change Mats


As new mothers we found that the portable change mats offered out there were plain and very small. We had boys and always needed to add disposable change mats on top of our portable change mats for those frequent surprises.

We were spending a lot on the disposable mats on top of our portable change mat, so decided to make something that was practical and looked great for us. Our portable mats are generous in size and offer one big pocket at the bottom of the mat where you can store your nappy and wipes. We have also placed a plastic cover on the bottom half of the mat where the babies bottom would go! This means NO more disposable change mats and if there is ever an accident all you need to do is give it a wipe down! We only wished we had made these earlier for ourselves!

Our change mats can then be rolled up and tied to fit into your hand bag – easily without any fuss!

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Make nappy changing a happier process with a cool and practical design.

Dimensions 70 x 38 cm

Dark Grey with White Crosses, White with Gold Foil, Assorted Triangles, Black with Gold Ferns