Fragrances are all about invoking emotions, they take you to far away places, or remind you of where you are happiest and at peace.

They can remind you of that day you went to the seaside at midnight to breathe in the fresh open air and made marvellous sandcastles decorated with sticks and seaweed, or the time you rented a bach in the middle of nowhere and spent the week curled up by the fireplace reading your favourite book.

Our fragrances take you back to your favourite time, your happy place or your most treasured memory. We have 8 beautiful fragrances to choose from, all with their own special scent and unique properties.

Sweet Black Forest

Think luscious black berries melted together with trails of honey and sugar and sprinkled with vanilla beans. It will remind you of an Alice and Wonderland tea party filled with a thousand honey bees, and all the sweetness you can imagine from the Queen of Hearts.

Fresh Lavender Breeze

Think fields of purple speckled lavender on a bright spring morning, fresh and crisp with drippings of morning dew. It will remind you of those first days of spring when the daffodils are out, the blossoms are starting to appear, you have fresh linen sheets on your bed, and the homemade bread is rising in the oven. The smell of lavender is known to ease insomnia, exhaustion and depression.

Citrus Burst

Think fresh pure green limes, and bright orange mandarins, mixed with hints of fresh herbs like basil and thyme. Fresh and luscious, it will remind you of being in a country fruit orchid, surrounded by budding fruit trees, and all of Mother Natures’ splendid glory. Citrus scents are known to help reduce stress and invoke a soothing calming feeling.

French Vanilla Bean

Think vanilla beans, rich and full of aroma, filled with yummy goodness. It will remind you of home, cosy and comforting as you laze about in front of the fire on a cold winters’ night. Since the time of the Aztecs, the scent of vanilla has been considered a fragrance of love and beauty, while inducing a calmness to all those who inhale this luscious fragrance.

Zesty Coconut lime

Think coconut milk infused with the zest of succulent limes. It will remind you of sipping cocktails in a sun-drenched hammock between two coconut trees. The air is warm and fresh and you know that all is right with the world. Citrus scents are known to help reduce stress and invoke a soothing calming feeling.

Pure Jasmine

Think sweet and floral, laced with a fresh and clean aroma. It will take you away to an exotic far away land, with flying carpets, snake charmers, oriental spices and beautiful beast that roar and roam during full moonlight. Jasmine is known for its rejuvenating, boosting and energising properties.

Pink Peony Blossoms

Think beautiful floral scents from soft pink peonies in full bloom. Soft and sweet in fragrance, it will remind you of the secret garden, the one where you needed the key to enter a world of romance and beauty, a place where you could spend your days lazing under the luscious blossom tree, from sunrise to sunset in absolute bliss.

Tropical Summer

Think fresh and oh so fruity! It’s all about pineapples, mangos and papaya infused together to create a sensational burst of tropical sweetness. It will remind you of summer days along a golden sand beach, where the deep blue ocean sings and sighs as it hits the shore, swaying back and forth in absolute harmony to the world around it.