Travel Feeding Mat


Does your baby love making a mess anywhere you go? Introducing our travel feeding mats which are perfect for on the go mothers who are always out and about.

Our travel mats are perfect for those days you go and visit your antenatel group or a friend at their house, where you might not have access to a high chair. Our travel feeding mats are very light to carry around and rolls and ties up easily to avoid any hassle handling it!

Our mats are made from PUL which is waterproof, so liquids or little accidents can be wiped off quickly and easily. The PUL is also food safe and BPA free, so if your little one drops food on the mat, it is perfectly safe to pick the food pieces off the mat and give back to your baby.


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Please contact us if you would like a personalised colour for your travel mat.

Dimensions 100 x 50 cm